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Tastings: A Fine California Blend, Followed By a Roero Arneis From a Vaunted Name

I shared a meal with Tom Gamble and one of his sales reps several years ago at Tony’s in Houston, and immediately grew fond of the man and his wines; I look forward to tasting more of them.
Paper City

A Farmer’s Wine Man — This Napa Valley Estate is Worth Looking At

I have written about Gamble Family wines on several previous occasions, and I’m happy to do so again now, because I recently tasted the 2014 Gamble Family Vineyards Paramount Proprietary Red Blend, and I liked the experience.
Divine Wine

As the seasons begin to change, Sauvignon Blanc eases the transition

As summer turns into fall, it is nice to settle in and reminisce with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.
Taste of the Seacoast

A Wild White Summer

Sauvignon Blanc, also referred to as just Sauvignon, is a dry white wine. Sauvignon means wild and blanc means white - appropriate names to define a fun summer wine.

Review: 2014 Paramount

Issue Reviews wines from around the world

The Perfect Wine For Each Kind of Picnic

From a casual afternoon on a blanket, to a full spread with all your friends in a park, here are the perfect picnic wines for each situation.
Robb Report

Sauvignon Blanc Gets Serious

Precious little is made of this Heart Block Sauvignon Blanc, and all from a small block in the center of vineyards owned by the Gamble family, longtime Napa growers.

Gamble Family Vineyards: Rooted in Napa Valley

With 100 years of agriculture in Napa, it comes as no surprise that the heart and soul of Gamble Family Vineyards is deeply rooted in the soil.

The Bridesmaid White

The wide, winsome world of Sauvignon Blanc...

Let’s Cheers: California Wines Worth Trying in 2017

A new year brings opportunity for new challenges, goals, and celebrations. This shouldn’t be limited to birthdays, holidays and achievements, in fact, you should continue to challenge yourself to enjoy small moments in life as often as possible. What better way to enjoy a day then with a beautifully delicious bottle of wine?

Schaefer on Wine: Wine trails: Hidden in plain site

When you've been doing this wine thing as long as I have, you tend to think you know all the wineries in California, as well as the name of all the winemakers.

These Splurge-Worthy Wines Are Perfect For Celebrating The Holidays This Year

The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve more easily justify the popping of pricey corks than any other time of year. Whether it’s in a restaurant or for a quiet night at home, there’s a genuine sense of occasion that results from treating yourself and your loved ones to a bottle of something that you otherwise might not normally open up.

Gamble Family Vineyards

There has always been a profound divide in the Napa Valley between growers---multi-generational families with deep roots in the land---and vintners, who in some cases are newly arrived dot-com billionaires.

US New Releases 2013 Gamble Family Vineyards

Points Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Juicy and purple, with notes of eucalyptus when first poured, this gained red-fruited power. It appears to be thick and dense, but air reveals the structure that keeps the flavors fresh and sets the wine up for aging.

What's in a name? Why you should know the term 'proprietary wine'

There are "pop stars," and then there are Taylor, Madonna and Gaga. There are mausoleums, and then there are the Great Pyramid at Giza, the Taj Mahal and Grant's Tomb.

Napa Valley's Answer to Summer is Sauvignon Blanc

According to winemaker Jim Close of Gamble Family Vineyards, Yountville is the sweet spot for his aromatic white.

10 Wines to pair with Greek Lamb

The black cherry fruit, cedar and warm spice notes in Napa Valley's Gamble Family Vineyards "Paramount" proprietary Red Blend 2012

Tasting report: Napa's Amazing 2013 Vintage

"...the 2013 vintage is one of the greatest ever for Napa Valley..."






Stories About Gamble Family Vineyards

Napa Valley Register

The deep Napa Valley roots of Gamble Family Vineyards

Gamble Family Vineyards and Winery is the creation of Tom and Colette Gamble, and given the couple’s history, it’s no wonder they are making some of the finest wines in the Napa Valley.
Wine Spectator

Auction Napa Valley Raises $13.6 Million for Charity in Its 38th Year

The annual event offered glitz, glam and a ride with Danica Patrick, but also support for those impacted by last year's wine-country wildfires

Why Wine Country Looks So Beautiful: Napa Ag Preserve Turns 50

The Napa Agriculture (Ag) Preserve turns 50 years old in 2018 thanks to the farmers, vintners and residents who saw the value of an agrarian future for their valley.

Gamble Family Vineyards brings their farming legacy to Harvest Wine & Food Festival

Gamble Family Vineyards, based in Oakville, California, will bring its super-premium wines to South Walton this fall for the Harvest Wine & Food Festival, a showcase of fine wines and fine dining.

WineaPAWlooza 2017 raises $1.3 million for animal welfare and rescue — but who is rescuing whom?

Tom Gamble, owner of Gamble Family Vineyards, readies for the 4th annual WineaPAWlooza auction to benefit the Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch.

Q&A with Tom gamble

Self-described "third-generation farmer, first-generation wine guy." Tom Gamble of Gamble Family Vineyards grew up on his family's farm in Napa Valley's Oakville district.

Meet Tom Gamble of Gamble Family Vineyards

Meet Tom Gamble from Gamble Family Vineyards in Napa, CA. He took time out of his busy schedule to chat with us about his vineyards and giving back to the community.

Gamble Family Vineyards Have a Century-Long History in Napa Valley

If you believed all the lyrical lingo on wine labels, you'd think that owning vineyards and making wine is some kind of idyllic life of dreamers and the gods who love them.

Weekly Interview: Jim Close

Every week, as our regular readers know, we pose a series of questions to a winemaker. This week, we are featuring Jim Close, the winemaker at Gamble Family Vineyards.