At Gamble Family Vineyards we strive to make truly memorable wines. Explore our broad market portfolio to learn about wines available outside of our winery, or to learn more about our limited production, membership wines, please explore our membership portfolio.

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We hope you enjoy our wines over several hours with good food and those you love. From our family to yours, cheers!


Founded by third-generation farmer Tom Gamble, Gamble Family Vineyards farms approximately 175 acres of prime estate vineyards from several of Napa Valley’s most respected AVAs. The Gamble family has been farming the Napa Valley since 1916, and every wine we produce is cultivated with their dedication to the land in mind.

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Gamble Family Vineyards is home to some of the most talented and passionate people working in the Napa Valley today. From our tireless production crew to our vivacious Market Managers, every bottle is made possible by the wonderful people behind the scenes.

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Find out what everyone is saying about our wines. Scores, reviews, editorials and more – it seems like everyone has something to say about Gamble!.

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Gamble Family Vineyards continuously strives to focus on sustainability and conservation. We believe that wine is a gift from the land- we must protect and renew it if both our industry and agriculture are to continue thriving here. Learn more about what we do to play our part in the Napa Valley.

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